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Thoughts On Independence Day – 2019

As I continue to cheer for our great US Women’s soccer team in the World Cup, I am reminded of the qualities that make the United States Of America such a remarkable country.  Our women embrace a philosophy of hard work, confidence, humility, team first and an attitude that never quits. These values have allowed us to gain and maintain our country’s independence in this wonderful experiment we call democracy.  

As in years past I share with you one of my favorite July 4th poems for you to read with your friends and family on Thursday.



‘So, Susan, my dear,’ the letter began, 
‘You’ve fallen in love with an Englishman. 
Well, they’re a manly, attractive lot, 
If you happen to like them, which I do not. 

I am a Yankee through and through, 
And I don’t like them, or the things they do. 
Whenever it’s come to a knock-down fight 
With us, they were wrong, and we right; 

If you don’t believe me, cast your mind 
Back over history, what do you find? 
They certainly had no justification 
For that maddening plan to impose taxation 
Without any form of representation. 

Your man may be all that a man should be,
Only don’t you bring him back to me
Saying he can’t get decent tea—

He could have got his tea all right
In Boston Harbour a certain night,
When your great-great-grandmother— also a Sue—
Shook enough tea from her husband’s shoe
To supply her house for a week or two.

The war of 1812 seems to me
About as just as a war could be.
How could we help but come to grips
With a nation that stopped and searched our ships,
And took off our seamen for no other reason
Except that they needed crews that season.

I can get angry still at the tale
Of their letting the Alabama sail,
And Palmerston being insolent
To Lincoln and Seward over the Trent.

All very long ago, you’ll say,
But whenever I go up Boston-way,
I drive through Concord—that neck of the wood, 
Where once the embattled farmers stood, 

And I think of Revere, and the old South Steeple, 
And I say, by heck, we’re the only people 
Who licked them not only once, but twice. 

Never forget it-that’s my advice. 
They have their points—they’re honest and brave,
Loyal and sure—as sure as the grave; 
They make other nations seem pale and flighty, 
But they do think England is god almighty, 

And you must remind them now and then 
That other countries breed other men. 
From all of which you will think me rather 
Unjust. I am. Your devoted Father. 

One thought on “Thoughts On Independence Day – 2019

  1. This was ur third 4th of July back in Europe, it is increasingly difficult to explain the concept of the “experiment” to my European friends.

    They see what is to them a bizarre manifestation of money-driven politics and overreach of power by a US president who has upset, in one fell swoop, decades of conventions and balance in a very complex international environment, which he is perceived as disrespecting, mocking and not understanding.

    All this while Europe itself is going through tough times. In the past, most of the time, the US has been “big brother”, a shining example of what democracy, high moral standards and systems that were worth emulating and imitating, an authority to look up to and help resolve issues.

    As a student of history and international relations I find it scary to think that all that might have been driven by a common enemy. Would we be better off if we were living in fear of world destruction, and united behind that, united against a nes/old enemy, maybe Russia or China?

    So much for optimism from this part of the world, where multiple apparently farcical but I the end fundamentally scary scenes are being played out on a daily basis: fight for European leadership, increasing nationalism and populism, Brexit, civil disobedience in yellow vests in France, Italian disregard for rules, norms and basic human values, and so much more.


    And I cannot but wonder what the world will be like when our children reach our age. The best times may well be behind us.
    One thing I am certain of: neither grandstanding and bluster nor isolation behind walls will be the solution.

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