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Great Article By David Leonhardt, “Patriotism Done Right”

Megan Rapinoe, Captain of the US Women’s Soccer Team, kisses the World Cup trophy. (Photo by Johanness Eisele/Agence France Press – Getty Images)

I encourage you all to read this article by David Leonhardt as it reflects the graceful nature of the US Women’s Soccer Team and their win.

As a former US Air Force F-16 Pilot and Varsity Soccer Player at UC Berkeley I could not be more proud of our US Women for the way they play and the way they conduct themselves on and off the field.  And they win!  If they are not a great example of patriotism, I don’t know what is.

As  a side note, the men should notice that women soccer players don’t roll around on the field holding their body parts feigning injuries.  This lack of on field drama keeps the “Beautiful Game” Beautiful, and is a quality that anyone who believes in sportsmanship and fair play can embrace.

I wrote my own blog about the team on Independence Day which I will share with you here.   Thoughts On Independence Day – 2019

Thanks to David Leonhardt for his well written and thought provoking prose.  You can read the article by clicking here.



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